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Welcome to Donut Derelicts!

In 1932 Henry created the flat head, in 1959 Harley Earl created the Cadillac fins, and in 1963 the Beach Boys sang about "Little Deuce Coupe". In 1984 the "Donut Derelicts ®" came together to celebrate horsepower, chrome and brotherhood.

Donut Derelicts News

"hay guys..... i was over at your place a year ago ..still a top event , great donuts and fab cars ..this is my 32 ford dearborn deuce i built , it is great for our rainy weather
so i have been spreadding the news with all my friends to visit when they come over ..
keep up the good work and the great
john bradley ..way over here in scotland "

Check out the Donut Derelicts video below: